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Did you know current BYU running back Adam Hine can do a back flip on a BMX bike? Or that BYU counts among its former athletes a sculptor for the Football Hall of Fame and a pastor in South Carolina?

If these are the kind of fun facts you enjoy reading, then students from the BYU Department of Communications have just the treat for you: three new e-books, all available free from Apple’s iBookstore.

BYU Sports: Where Are They Now? profiles the post-BYU careers of more than a dozen former athletes. BYU Sports: Outside The Game goes off the court or field with current BYU athletes, who share their hobbies and interests. Finally, BYU Mythbusters delves into Cougar lore to divide the truth from the tall tales.

The ebooks emerged from midterm and final projects for Quint Randle’s Comms 487 class.

“The goal of these projects was to have students participate in a variety of functions beyond writing so as to expand their skill set and to experiment with new channels of distribution,” explains Quint Randle, who specializes in new media.

In assembling the finished product, Randle’s students got help from Steve Thomsen’s feature writing class and from BYU’s Laycock Center for Creative Collaboration.

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