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What do the owners of a highly successful publishing company, Managing Editor of two of their largest publications and the seasoned reporter writing about her have in common?  Besides their mutual affinity for the written word, these four share another commonality:  their BYU Communications degrees.

In this article written by a communications alumna, about a communications alumna who just happens to work for two of our alumni, get to know Briana Stewart, Managing Editor for two of Bennett Communications‘ largest publications:

With an adventurous toddler at your ankles, a laptop balancing on your knees and Sesame Street playing in the background you try, unsuccessfully, to reply to a single email– even a simple sentence.  And yet mother of two small girls, Briana Stewart isn’t just making it work, she’s making magic as the Managing Editor for Utah Valley BusinessQ and Utah Valley Bride Magazines.

Click HERE to read the full article by Jennifer Stagg.




Photo:  Veronica Reeve

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