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Advertising students from all over the world are recognized annually by the One Club for Creativity. This year, advertising students from BYU swept away the competition multiple times, coming away with a total of 23 nominations.

The awards the students are nominated for include One Show Pencils, ADC Awards and Young Ones Portfolio awards. These awards are some of the most prestigious awards in the design and advertising and are judged by the industry’s top professionals.

This year, only 13 portfolios are being recognized worldwide. The only three in advertising and the single one in film are from BYU AdLab. “That is amazing,” said Jeff Sheets, the faculty over the BYU AdLab.  

BYU Advertising also boasts 14 finalists for the ADC Awards. According to Sheets, “This is remarkable. We’ve only ever won one of those awards in the past.”

“It truly has been a banner year,” said Sheets. “It has been the best we’ve ever had in terms of industry-recognized success and student placement in the industry.”

Sheets believes the advertising program at BYU turns out top notch students, which is illustrated not just by the awards they win, but by the success they achieve after their time here.

“Every single creative-track student has offers or has accepted an offer from the very best agencies in the industry. We are truly blessed,” he said.

Sheets and his students are waiting until May 8 to travel to New York to find out which of their nominations will bring home awards.

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