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In 2001, Chris Moore, a graduate of BYU’s Department of Communications hit the ground running in a news career that has only snowballed into success since that point. His most recent accomplishment is being named news director for Salt Lake’s NBC affiliate, KSL.

“I chose to pursue a career in the news industry due to the constant change and opportunity to witness and report events that shape our world and our lives,” Moore said. “It’s a unique job that allows you to see your progress daily and news has also taken me places that I never imagined visiting including China and Russia.”

Moore shared that a BYU education in communications set a solid foundation that has led him to where he is today in his career.

“BYU is an extremely special place, a second home where my pursuit of journalism and ethics in communications began.  I received the chance to get real experience writing, editing, shooting video and reporting,” he continued.

Moore has also returned to BYU as an adjunct faculty member teaching broadcast journalism classes in recent years.

Dale Cressman, associate chair of the Department of Communciations as well as Ed Adams, current chair of the department, have both been special inspirations to Moore’s spring-boarding into the news industry.

“Dale Cressman is a dear friend of mine and someone who has continually mentored me along with Ed Adams. Dean Paynter was my first exposure to the program and I have looked up to his example ever since,” Moore said.

As a news professional, Moore has tried to model his career after a saying that he once heard from a news anchor he looked up to.

One of my idols in television broadcasting is the longtime NBC reporter Bob Dotson. He said success ‘is not a question of just being dealt a good hand; it’s playing a bad hand well over and over again,'” Moore said.

Moore grew up in Provo and Bountiful, Utah and has lived in New York City, Guatemala, Sioux Falls, S.D. and Reno, Nev. over the years. He is oldest of six children, all of whom attended BYU. He and his wife Leslie are the parents to two girls and three boys. In his free time he enjoys reading, basketball and watching his kids participate in sports.

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