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After five years of serving in leadership in the School of Communications, Dale Cressman will step down from his Associate Director position beginning June 1, 2015 to resume his work as a faculty member and media history scholar.

Cressman began his position as Associate Chair of the Department of Communications in April of 2010.   In February of this year, the Department of Communications became the School of Communications after a submitted proposal was approved by university administration.

“We’ve gone through a lot,” said Cressman. “We’ve made quite a few changes to the curriculum to keep pace with monumental changes in media industries.  We were reaccredited, passing all nine standards – no small feat.  Thanks to great students and faculty colleagues along with award-winning programs, we’ve managed to gain favor and credibility with our leaders in university administration, as is evident in our being designated as a school as well as our current director, Ed Adams, being appointed as the new dean of our college.”

According to Adams, Cressman was instrumental in advancing diversity initiatives in the areas of student recruitment, hiring adjunct faculty, and establishing an exchange with Morgan State, an historically black college.  His work on assessment and learning outcomes led to the curriculum changes and currency relevance.  The school’s progress in these areas contributed greatly to its 2015 reaccreditation success.  Along with his work to prepare for the reaccreditation visit, Cressman was part of the management team whose input was crucial to important tasks such as recent building renovations and faculty hires.

“Dale was integral to advancing the goals of the department and to help propel us toward school status,” said Adams.  “When I came in as department chair three years ago, we established a five year strategic plan.  That plan was completed in two and a half years.  Much of the advancement of that work is attributable to associate directors Dale Cressman and Mark Callister.  As I move on to the Dean’s office, I will miss my daily association with both of them.”

While he is pleased with the significant growth of the program over the past several years, Cressman is hesitant to take credit for the school’s recent achievements.

“I don’t claim credit for any of this, but it was an exceptional experience to be serving my colleagues as we went through these milestones,” said Cressman.  “I will always treasure the wonderful experience I’ve had serving alongside Ed and Mark, as well as Brad (Rawlins) and Susan (Walton).”

Cressman says he now looks forward to having more time to devote to teaching, research, and his recreation of choice, cycling.

“I have four unfinished articles and two unfinished books that have been patiently waiting.”

Dr. Cressman has served in the School of Communications for a collective 18 years, beginning in 1993 as an assistant teaching professor.


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