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The BYU AdLab won 10 Regional ADDY Awards and placed first in the district National Student Advertising Competition in San Diego.

The ADDY Awards are a competition to recognize and reward the creative spirit in the art of advertising. Advertising students brought home 20 Addy Awards from the state level of competition in March. The 10 regional awards will move onto the National-level of the competition.

Students from the strategic side of the BYU Advertising Program flew to San Diego in April and participated in the regional National Student Advertising Competition. BYU placed first and is now eligible to compete on the national level. Students also won two special judges awards; best presenter was awarded to Seth Mollerup and the team was also awarded the best copy award for their strategy book.

“It’s pretty fantastic to see how well-rounded the advertising program is at BYU,” said Jeff Sheets, Faculty Advisor to the AdLab. “Our creative students swept their competition with award-winning projects and strategic and management students were able to impress judges with amazing advertising strategy and promotion”

About the BYU AdLab

The BYU AdLab is a professionally mentored, student-led advertising agency whose overarching goal is to bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace. Students in the lab work with best in class ad agencies and world-renowned brands all across the globe, providing advertising students the most impactful and well-rounded educational offering possible.

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