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The AAF American Advertising Awards, also known as the “ADDYs,” is the advertising industry’s largest and most anticipated creative competition, receiving more than 40,000 entries every year. The BYU AdLab was among many Utah-based agencies to submit some of their best recent work for consideration. Awards are based on a level of excellence, judged by creative directors from the country’s most innovative agencies. Kyle Curtis, President, AAF-Utah Board of Directors wrote, “If you won an AAF Award this year, congratulations. It means that your work impressed four well-respected creative professionals independently. That’s no small accomplishment.”
The AdLab made a phenomenal showing this year, bringing back an astounding 20 ADDY awards. Students received nine Gold and seven Silver, one Best of Show, plus two awards for project work done with agencies. Faculty member Jeff Sheets also received a Silver for a public service campaign, “City of Starts.” The lab won every award in the “Student Work” category, making them the 2nd most awarded agency at this year’s event. Pat Doyle, director of the AdLab, said that he is proud of the work the students have done this year. “The award show is a huge payday for the AdLab where students are recognized for all of their hard work,” said Doyle.
Go for Good, a social campaign that allowed hospitalized children to play Pokemon Go, received two awards. Copywriter for the campaign, Sam Platt, said that it was “fun to see the students show off and compete with real agencies. It just goes to show that there is something great about this program.” Platt was quick to emphasize the great leadership and mentors in the AdLab that make it all happen. With the combination of mentors who have experience in the industry and eager, talented students, the AdLab continues to garner respect in the advertising community.
The BYU AdLab is a professionally mentored, student-led advertising agency whose overarching goal is to bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace. Students in the lab work with best in class ad agencies and world renowned brands all across the globe, providing advertising students the most impactful and well-rounded educational offering possible.

2017 AAF American Advertising Awards for the BYU AdLab:

Gold ADDYs

Title: Swedish Fish – What’s Your Flavor?
Credits: Max Mateesen, Micah Wilkes, Stew Tribe

Title: Project GRAM – GRAM Website and GRAM TV (two awards)
Credits: David Pierce, Brad Hill, Mike Henderson, Lydia Hesterman, Stew Tribe, Sean Tanner, Frank Finan

Title: Vespa – Ride to Fly and Ride to Fly Animation (two awards)
Credits: Scott James, Faith Ivory, Abby Christensen, Ryan Schade, Taylor Dahl, Chris Petersen

Title: Pokemon Go for Good and Pokemon Go for Good Digital Creative
Credits: Scott Frandsen, Scott James, Sam Platt, Andrew Forrest, Catharine DeLong, Micah Wilkes

Title: Brandsgiving Art Direction
Credits: Catharine DeLong, Micah Wilkes

Title: Fast Signs – Burger Guy Cinematography
Credits: Alexis Kaegi, Ben Sonntag, Jedediah Thunell, Mackenzie Hamilton, Dave Rowe

Silver ADDYs

Title: Levi’s – Check Yourself
Credits Scott Frandsen, Ryan Schade

Title: BYU AdLab Website
Credits: David Pierce, Micah Wilkes, Scott Frandsen, Catharine DeLong

Title: Amazon GiftAds – Santa Search
Credits: Nick Huey, Scott McIntosh, Chris Petersen,

Title: Food & Care Coalition – Venmo Signs
Credits: Jason Murray, Wilsynn Wheat, Keith Read

Title: Fast Signs – Burger Guy
Credits: Alexis Kaegi, Ben Sonntag, Jedediah Thunell, Mackenzie Hamilton, Dave Rowe

Title: – The Warning Cinematography
Credits: Jarom Cowan, Scott James, Mark Carlson, Michael White, Zach Sundwall

Title: Adobe – Let the Crazy Out Animation
Credits: Braden Clark

Title: DUI Staycation Outdoor (professional project with R&R Partners)
Credits: Catharine DeLong, Claire Hart

Title: City of Starts (Public Service TV campaign – professional award)
Credit: Jeff Sheets

Other ADDYs

Judge’s Choice (professional project with R&R Partners):
Title: DUI Room Spa Radio
Credits: Catharine DeLong, Claire Hart

Student Best of Show
Title: Swedish Fish – What’s Your Flavor?
Credits: Max Mateesen, Micah Wilkes, Stew Tribe


Story:  Brooklyn Riepl
Photo credit:  Jason Murray

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