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by Peter Rosen

PROVO — A BYU student is filming a documentary about underage models after experiencing the industry firsthand.

When Rosemary Card was 16, she lived a dream of many girls her age. She moved to New York City and became a fashion model. She worked with top photographers and top designers. She flew off to photo shoots and runways in Italy, Singapore and Japan.

At first, it was glamorous. Now, she has a different picture.

Card, a communications student at BYU, is currently working on a documentary called “Runway to Nowhere,” about how the fashion industry objectifies women and sexualizes images of underage models.

Card was discovered when she was an extra in the locally-filmed “High School Musical.” A casting director asked if she’d considered modeling. That eventually led to a three-year contract with the Elite modeling agency. She said most models were, like her, under 18.

“I was really excited that I was gonna be a star but I was gonna keep my morals,” she said.

“I was gonna be this good example for girls that you can do whatever you want and stay modest and all that kind of stuff, but I quickly found out that the industry wasn’t interested in celebrating someone’s standards in that sense.”

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