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For Daniel Souza, life has been an uphill battle with obstacles in every direction. Yet with a determination to succeed, he has overcome his life’s challenges.

Recently hired as the new station manager for BYUtv International, Souza brings years of experience and a strong work ethic. Before being hired, Souza was an area coordinator over media for the Admissions office for three years. Following these three years he helped to create a media production team, for the purpose of serving all of the offices under the Student Academic and Advisement Services.


“Our responsibilities included creating promotional material, commercials and mini-documentaries,” said Souza. “For example, the admissions office wanted us to create a video that would be inspirational for students who wanted to come to BYU. So we partnered with Vocal Point and we did a music video that was shown in a fireside about how kids can overcome their own issues and rise to the top.”

Souza, a Brazilian native, came to the United States 16 years ago. After serving a mission in Houston Texas, he received his associate degree from Utah Valley State College (now known as Utah Valley University) and then transferred to Brigham Young University. Initiallty an information systems major, Souza quickly realized that this was not the path he wished to pursue. With the help from a school advisor, he was able to decide on a major that he liked.

“It was at this time that I thought that news reporting would be fun because I‘ve always liked talking to people,” Souza said.  “And I also thought it would be fun because it’s learning about other people’s stories which I’ve always found interesting.”

After discovering a major he loved, Souza knew no matter what happened he would give it his all and strive to succeed.

“In the broadcast journalism program, students are required to do an internship associated with their field before they graduate,” Souza said. “Instead of doing just one, I decided to do five because I wanted to do my best”

During an internship with KUTV, he had the opportunity to work with former BYU adjunct professor Brian Champagne. Champagne was an automotive reporter in Sacramento but then decided to come to Utah to run a car show for KUTV. While most internships only last about four months, Souza interned with him for two years. During their time together, they become the highest rated news morning show in the state.

“That internship led into a side gig for me where I had the opportunity to write reviews about cars for several local news media outlets,” said Souza. “I was still a student at the time but I got the chance to drive and review cars anywhere from Mercedes to Camrys. This was such a privilege because it gave me an immense amount of experience and taught me the value of hard work.”

Souza directing a music video with Vocal Point.

Souza directing a music video with Vocal Point.

Created in 2007, BYUtv International delivers the same great quality content as BYUtv but broadcasts it in both Spanish and Portuguese for Latin American countries. Now as the station manager for BYUtv International, Souza uses the skills and knowledge that he gained from his past experiences to direct a group of students and professionals with a single goal.

“Our goal is to take the same type of clean, wholesome, family-oriented programing that is on BYUtv and to broadcast it throughout Latin America,” said Souza. “BYUtv International is a missionary tool. The idea is that if you have a non-member watching, it will pique their interest to learn more about the Church. It’s not a conversion tool but it provides an opportunity to entertain and help others learn more about the Church.”

Before many of the shows air for BYUtv International, they are translated then dubbed into each language. As BYUtv International continues to grow, Souza is excited for what the future holds and for the opportunity to bless the lives of others throughout the world.

“Growing up in a different country it is very hard to get your hands on quality content [on television],” said Souza. “It is my hope and my prayer that more and more people can have the opportunity to watch clean and quality entertainment through BYUtv International.”

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