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Autumn LinfordAutumn Linford of the University of North Carolina is the winner of the 2021 Diversity in Journalism History Research Award. The award – presented by the History Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) – recognizes the outstanding paper in journalism or mass communication history that addresses issues of inclusion and the study of marginalized groups and topics. The award winner is selected from research submitted for the annual conference paper competition.

Autumn Linford won both the division’s Top Student Paper Award and the Diversity in Journalism History Research Award.

Linford, a Ph.D. student, also won the division’s Top Student Paper Award for her paper, “Perceptions of Progressive Era Newsgirls: Framing of Girl Newsies by Reformers, Newspapers, and the Public.”

“I am thrilled to receive this award and to have the spotlight on this important and understudied topic,” said Linford. “Newsgirls are an essential piece to understanding Progressive Era newspapers and newsworkers. I am honored to help bring their stories and experiences to light.”

You can read the full article here. 

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