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The Brigham Young University Division of Continuing Education awarded Ed Carter, Director of the School of Communications, the 2016 Faculty Teaching Award for his work with BYU Continuing Education.

This annual award is presented to BYU faculty members who have done outstanding work with Independent Study, BYU Online or some other aspect of Continuing Education. This award recognizes Carter’s work designing the COMMS 300 course (Media Law, Ethics and Responsibility) for both BYU independent study and as an online course.

Carter along with co-instructor David Rasmussen taught the independent study version and the BYU online version for several years. Carter began working with Jay Young and Carolyn Andrews from Division of Continuing Education as well as instructional designers and videographers to understand how the course could be improved for students.

Ed Carter at Oxford

Ed Carter at Oxford

“Ed just had tremendous ideas,” said Young. “We went in and we identified areas where we could improve the course or particular areas where students were getting hung up and then we provided videos that would address these specific concerns”

Carter worked with students to create animations for videos that would act as an interactive part of the course.

Although this project is still in the works, the Faculty Teaching Award recognizes Carter’s progress and as well as the interdisciplinary reach of the project.

Carter has been the director of the school of communications since June, 2015. During this time, he also graduated from Oxford University with a master’s degree in international human rights law.

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