Brimhall Equipment Checkout – This room stores audio and visual recording equipment while it is not in use. Communications students and faculty can checkout this equipment during normal hours. The room is open and available to communications students weekdays from 8-4.  Their phone number is (801) 422-6178. Equipment includes:

  • Audio recorders
  • Microphones
  • Video cameras
  • Still photography cameras
  • Tripods

Audio Recording – There are two audio recording studios on the first floor: Room 119 is configured for two microphones and features a telephone interface; Room 121 is configured for one microphone. Each of these rooms are equipped with audio editing software.

HBLL Equipment CheckoutThe HBLL offers a variety of equipment and technology, including computers, computer accessories, multimedia production equipment, and multimedia viewing equipment.

Image of camera that links to equipment rental services.
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