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Photo: Former BYU journalism professor Alf Pratte still stays connected with the BYU journalism community after his retirement more than 10 years ago. (Maddi Dayton)

by Allie Hamilton

It’s Monday afternoon, and The Universe newsroom is busy making edits and laying out stories for Tuesday’s print edition of the paper. Deadlines have been met; the paper is coming together— but something is off. Just then an animated, white-haired man in a Hawaiian flower-print shirt shuffles into the newsroom holding The New York Times. “Aloha!” is his greeting.

Nearly every day, retired BYU journalism faculty member Alf Pratte returns to the campus he loves to keep up with the daily buzz, bringing with him an unrivaled enthusiasm for journalism.

“I love to feel the energy,” Pratte said of the BYU campus. “I love to talk to the students.”

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