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Q: Where can I find information on how to apply?

A: On our website, https://comms-old.byu.edu, under “Admissions and Aid” – “Applying to the Undergraduate Program”- “Steps for Admission”

Q: When is the application due?

A: There are two application periods each year, with applications due the second Friday of every Fall and Winter semester. If a student applies to the program in the Fall semester, he/she will not begin the program until the following Winter semester. If a student applies to the program in the Winter semester, he/she will not begin the program until the following Fall (or the following Spring or Summer if they choose to take classes then.)

Q: How do I find my Full Progress (ABC) Report?

A: Go to your MyMap, and find “My Tools” on the left.  The first option is a link to your progress report.  You can download it from there.

Q: I printed out my Academic Summary because I couldn’t find my Full Progress (ABC) Report. Is that acceptable?

A: No. You need the Full Progress (ABC) report. It has information we need about credits & classes that the Academic Summary does not. See previous question for directions how to find it. APPLICATIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED VOID IF YOU HAVE NOT UPLOADED THE FULL PROGRESS REPORT INTO YOUR APPLICATION.

Q: If I retake a prerequisite class, will the two grades be averaged or will the old one be replaced with the new?

A: Application scores are calculated using the new grade, but the admissions committee will be made aware that the class has been retaken.  You may take a class a total of two times.

Q: Does my AP English credit fulfill the WRTG 150 prerequisite requirement to apply to the program?

A: While many students fulfill their University GE first year writing credit with an AP class, the School of Communications does not accept AP credit as the first year writing prerequisite to apply. Students must take WRTG 150, ELANG 150, or an Advanced Written and Oral Communication GE course and receive a B grade or better in the class before they will be considered for the program.

Q: I am transferring from another school. Will my English grade from there count as WRTG 150 credit for my application?

A: Check with the Advisement Center in D-444 HFAC (801-422-3777). Evaluation of credit from other schools is done on a case-by-case basis.

Q: What are foreign language exam credits?

A: These are any credits that you received by testing out of language classes at BYU. Most students have these if they’ve served foreign speaking missions. They can be found under “Exam Credits” on the last page of the Full Progress (ABC) Report.

Q: How will I find out if I am accepted?

A: We will e-mail admissions letters approximately 4-6 weeks after the application deadline (Mid-October or Mid-February).

Q: I will not be attending BYU during the semester in which the application must be submitted due to a mission or semester abroad. Can I still apply to the program?

A: Yes, but you will have to contact the School of Communications  to make arrangements to complete the application requirements before you leave. You must also be a Pre-Comms major and a day-continuing student when you apply.

Q: I was just admitted to the program and I have finished all of my GE requirements and/or have transferred with my AA degree.  Can I petition to take courses out of sequence or waive prerequisites in order to graduate faster?

A: The emphases allow flexibility in your course schedule. However, where prerequisite courses are involved, accreditation rules preclude us from waiving prerequisites or allowing courses to be taken out of sequence.  These courses represent what we consider to be important preparation for more-advanced classes.  Please remember that if you are admitted to the major, you make a commitment to remain in the program for a minimum of four semesters. 


Q: What is the advertising test I have to take in the Testing Center?

A: The “Comms 000” test. There is a small fee and the test can only be taken once. More information and a study guide can be found on the Advertising Application Process page on the Communications website.

Q: Will I need to report my advertising entrance exam score or can the advertising faculty automatically see it?

A: Students will not need to report their advertising entrance exam score anywhere in the application. The advertising faculty access these scores directly from the testing center.

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