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To watch the convocation ceremony, click here.

The BYU School of Communications formally graduated 239 of its students at the annual spring convocation last Friday, April 26.

Graduates pose for the last few pictures before graduation.

Graduates pose for the last few pictures before graduation.

Students perform "Arrows of Time for Trombone and Piano, Mct. 1" by Richard Peaslee.

Students perform “Arrows of Time for Trombone and Piano, Mct. 1” by Richard Peaslee.

Ed Adams, Professor and Director of the School of Communications keynoted the ceremony with graduates, alumnus Scott Eckern, Academic Vice President Brent Webb and Dean Stephen Jones making additional remarks.

Director Adams keynoted the ceremony.

Director Adams delivers the keynote for the ceremony.

Speaking of how his education impacted his life, Adams encouraged the graduates to use their education to positively impact their lives and the lives of those around them.

“Today is a day of commencement,” said Adams to the graduates. “What a blessing and opportunity your education has been. I hope that you will wear—and wear well and honorably—the badge of BYU. May you follow the admonition of the sign that is at the front of this campus to ‘go forth and serve.’”

In speaking of what her BYU education meant to her, graduate Diane Kay said, “Everything we learned at BYU is important and I hope that we use that knowledge and these tools often. However, none of it will matter if we forget to pack the essential things for our journey ahead.”

In support of Kay’s advice, graduate Andrew Williamson remarked, “What we take from this university as we go forward is the higher education that we received—an education in honesty that built up our character, an education in hard work and persistence that stretched us to our max—and then beyond, an education that deepened our souls and expanded our spiritual view.”

Scott Eckern, the college alumni representative, reminded the graduates of the values they have gained through their studies. “This is the beginning of the next chapter of your story,” he said. “How will the spirit of the Y stay with you?”

Scott Eckern addresses the graduates.

Scott Eckern addresses the graduates.

In offering at least a partial answer to his own question, Eckern suggested that it is a BYU graduate’s responsibility to find a way to stay connected and give back.

To conclude the ceremony, Dean Jones expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the teachers, parents, mentors, and students for making the College of Fine Arts and Communications what it is—an institution of learning in preparation for professional contributions and a lifetime of service to humankind.

To watch the convocation ceremony, click here.

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