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Welcome to the Graduate Program in the School of Communications!

Please see the links below for information you need to know as you embark on your studies in the School of Communications’ Graduate Program:


Graduate Student Society – Get involved and meet other graduate students outside of your program at the weekly doughnut giveaways! They also sponsor scholarships, service projects, socials and academic events to enhance your academic experience while building your resume. For more information, you can contact them at

Graduate Minimum Registration Requirement– To retain active status and to qualify for subsequent registration, graduate students must register for and receive acceptable (B- or above) grades in at least six credit hours each academic year. (D, E, W, NS, and I grades do not count towards the minimum registration requirement, nor do audit or independent study courses.)  Students must be registered for a minimum of 2 credits during the semester in which they defend their thesis and in the semester in which they graduate.

Graduate Evaluations of Student Progress – Grad students are encouraged to complete their degree programs in a timely fashion. Departments formally monitor each graduate student’s progress twice during the academic year, at clearly designated times, and inform the student in writing of his or her status. If marginal or unsatisfactory progress is noted, the student is advised in writing what they need to do, when it needs to be accomplished, and who to contact for help in order to demonstrate satisfactory progress.


Here are links to some of the most commonly used forms in the School of Communications’ Graduate Program:

Master’s Program of Study (ADV Form 3)
The Program of Study is a carefully considered plan, which identifies the student’s major, lists all courses required, and designates the graduate committee.  Use this form to select and submit which courses you will be taking to fulfill your graduate degree requirements as well as to select your committee.  This is form is due by the third week of your second semester in the program.  You may return the completed form to Debby Jackson in 360 BRMB.

Master’s Program of Study Change (ADV Form 3b)
Use this form to make changes to an already submitted Program of Study.

Prospectus approval form
This is the form you will use for your prospectus defense.  Have your committee sign the form and return it to Debby Jackson in 360 BRMB.

College Graduation Deadlines 2018-2019
These are the deadlines established by the College of Fine Arts and Communication and supersede any deadlines published on the Graduate Studies website.

Departmental Scheduling of Final Oral Examination (ADV Form 8c)
Use this form to schedule your final oral exam.  This form must be completed and turned in to the Department Graduate Secretary (Debby Jackson) at least two weeks before the scheduled exam date.  All theses must be professionally edited before the oral examination.  Click here for help in meeting this requirement.

Checklist for Preparing ETD (PDF) for Submission (ADV Form 11)
This document explains the format and style standards that ETD must follow.  Please read this document carefully as theses not meeting these standards will not be approved.  You can find more information at

Approval for Final Dissertations or Theses (ADV Form 8d)
After your thesis (ETD) has received final approval, submit this completed form to Graduate Studies.  You must supply a bound copy of your thesis to the School of Communications before you can be cleared for graduation.  Go to in order to have your final thesis printed and delivered to the school.

Other graduate forms and information are available from the Graduate Studies website, or from the School Graduate Program Manager, Debby Jackson, or at (801) 422-2632.

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