Students should prepare to allocate between $5,000 and $6,000 for the cost of travelling and living in New York for the eight-week term. Provided below is a breakdown of ALL expenses students are responsible to pay for if they choose to participate in the New York Internship Program.

Tuition$968 (4 credits) – $1,178 (full-time) or $242/cr. hr.
Flight$450 – $650 (RT, depending on time of purchase)
Housing$2,050 (I-House, this includes a $230 meal card)
Laundry$100 (You will purchase a laundry card at I-House)
Food$900 +/- (Depending on where you choose to eat)
Metro Card$104 x 2 (30-day unlimited pass, you’ll need two for the full 7 weeks)
Taxi/Shuttle Services$200 +/-
Entertainment$150 +/- (Depending on what you choose to do) Other (Souvenirs, A/C Unit, etc.): $250 +/-
Other (Souvenirs, A/C Unit, etc.)$250 +/-

The only money students will pay through the BYU’s My Financial Center will be for Tuition and Housing.

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