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Lizzie Jenkins, a student in BYU’s Department of Communications, recently had the chance to complete an internship through the department’s New York Internship program. Throughout the course of the internship, she gained valuable skills in the communications industry that have helped set the groundwork for her career.

For the internship, Jenkins worked for a regional publisher located in Midtown Manhattan called Davier.

“I worked specifically with their editorial team for the NYMetroParents publication, which is the largest publisher of regional parenting magazines in the country,” Jenkins said.

The skills gleaned by Jenkins during the course of the internship are wide and varied. She even admits that she learned a lot more than she anticipated during the experience.

“I learned how to be more meticulous in my research as well as how to build better relationships with public relations specialists and sources,” she said. “Writing online and print content and going through the editorial process with my editors has improved my writing ability tremendously, and I feel more confident in my ability to produce interesting and engaging content.”

Along with her improved writing and editing abilities, Jenkins got the opportunity to brush up on her video editing, social media and mock-up skills. During the internship, she admitted to being integral in reviving the publisher’s Pinterest page.

One of the most valuable things that Jenkins took away from the experience is the ability to build relationships with key people within her industry, a good trait of any aspiring communications professional.

“This has given me a better sense of what I want from a career and has helped me network to make those necessary connections as well,” she said.

Natalie Chambers, the Communications Department’s internship coordinator says that BYU’s students are some of the highest quality individuals that providers experience.

“The New York Internship Program admits only the highest quality students to complete internships in New York,” Chambers said. “Employers consistently comment on the high caliber of student we send to them each year and have said that ‘BYU interns outshine other schools.’”

With so much to offer, the New York Internship program is set to continue flourishing and allowing future communications students get their foot in the door of some of the biggest communications employers in the world.

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