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BYU’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) elected a new board in March for the 2017-2018 academic year. Each board member serves for a year starting at the end of winter semester and fulfills a particular leadership role. The executive board comprises of a president and nine vice presidents.

Jake Pehrson, President

“I believe that we have an excellent group of leaders who will help all of BYU’s PRSSA students learn and prepare for their careers. I want students to create relationships with other clubs on campus, with the community and with PR professionals. The ultimate goal is to create a familial culture among the students to help BYU’s PR program again be a Top 5 program.”

Kimball Vaughn, VP of Awards

“My two primary goals are to win the “Outstanding Chapter Award” and to help students win more individual awards. I’m also hoping to add a little bit more southern flavor to the board!”

Lauren Holbrook, VP of Campus Relations

“I can’t wait to see everyone come together to create the family atmosphere PRSSA needs. I’m excited to make sure everyone knows what’s going on in PRSSA and to be involved with each member in ensuring they have a meaningful and engaging experience. We are going to have amazing opportunities this year to grow.”

Jeff Dodenbier, VP of Community Relations

“I look forward to providing a resume-worthy opportunity that will help students bring lasting change in the community. I’ve been blessed to work with PRSSA in the past and have seen the remarkable differences that can be made by using what we’ve been being taught throughout the program. Everyone brings different skills to the table and helps contribute to something special and worthwhile!”

Shannon Baird, VP of Digital Media

“Students at BYU are just as talented and motivated as students at any university in the country. This is why I plan to teach students to professionally run social media pages and create content that generates thousands of media impressions worldwide. Together, we can help BYU get recognized as one of the top PR programs in the nation.”

Maddy French, VP of Events

“I have wanted this position for the past two years, and I had known Celeste, our previous event board leader, even before we both got into the program, so it is exciting to be following her lead! I want everyone in PRSSA to feel welcomed and meet new people in the program and the business world, and leave BYU with long-lasting friendships!”

Lindsey Trendler, VP of Finance

“I plan to focus on creating fundraising initiatives for the chapter to expand our budget for events, professional guests, and conferences within the bounds of BYU policy. I also want to work closely with BYU and community organizations to collaborate and exchange our PRSSA student services for funding. Additionally, I will expand our network of local agencies to increase our sponsorships.”

Addison Montgomery, VP of Membership Comms

“My #1 goal for this year is increased membership. With such a large student body, I think we should have a larger chapter, and I am excited to dive into recruiting! I also plan to create a Chapter Directory and send out a “Benefits Email” to make sure members are aware of their benefits, taking advantage of opportunities, and getting the most bang for their buck. $75 is a lot of money, but it is worth it!”

Cole Stephens, VP of Professional Development

“I want to help PRSSA members get internships, dramatically strengthen their LinkedIn networks, successfully connect with BYU alumni, as well as build on current success to provide our best Recruitment event to date in 2018.”

Colin Wylie, VP of Publications

“I plan to encourage program-wide writing submissions to professional and national level competitions. I also want to continue to make the  Cougar Growl (PRSSA Newsletter) more engaging and effective. I am looking forward to having more opportunities to empower students with skills and knowledge needed in the professional world.”



BYU PRSSA is a chapter in the larger, international organization called Public Relations Student Society of America. BYU has one of the largest chapters with more than 150 members. PRSSA is a student-run organization dedicated to fostering an environment where students may connect with influential professionals and develop strategic communications skills they need to make a positive difference in society.





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