Steven Pelham

Year Graduated:

2016 (BA)

Major / Minor:

Public Relations; completing MA in Mass Communications in 2019

First job out of college:

Account Manager, Reaction Data

Other career highlights:

  • Insights Manager, EKR
  • Product Marketing & Enablement Manager, Workfront

What makes me unique:

I grew up in Provo and now live and work in Lehi. During my bachelors, I learned that I have a real passion for identifying problems and then leveraging marketing communications strategies to solve those problems. I’m a bit of a hybrid in that I have strengths on the creative and data side. I’ve worked in several different industries including consumer goods, healthcare, consulting, and tech (my favorite). My goal is to one day become a chief marketing officer, chief communications officer, or chief product officer. When I’m not working I enjoy cycling, skiing, triathlon, and hiking with my two daughters.

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