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Rory R. Scanlon, professor of theatre and media arts, has been appointed to serve a second term as associate dean in the College of Fine Arts and Communications. Ed Adams, dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communications, made the announcement last week and stated that Scanlon’s responsibilities will include Arts Production and Performing Arts Council.

“Rory offers a unique opportunity in this college,” commented Adams. “I’ve got strength in Rory to test ideas of design so we don’t waste our time frittering away on impossible dreams—that we can make things happen and come at the issue in a way where we can actually see that something is deliverable.

Scanlon received his MFA in costume design at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 1984 and has been a member of the BYU faculty for 31 years. His area of focus is design technology. He is the past president of the Rocky Mountain Theatre Association, was the Utah representative to RMTA for four years, sat on the Provo City Arts Council for three years and is a regularly invited presenter for the Utah Theatre Association. His design work in costumes, sets and lights includes work with Disney, Hasbro and university/professional productions throughout the United States.

Scanlon was professionally involved in a redesign of the 1500 costumes for the Hill Cumorah Pageant for six summers and has worked with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on several other historical costume recreation projects in Salt Lake City, Mesa and Far West. His first book with Costume Fashion Press in New York, “Costume Design Graphics,” was released in 2001. He has previously served as associate dean of Fine Arts and Communications from 2004-2010, as an associate dean of Undergraduate Studies and Director of the BYU Honors Program from 2010-2012, executive producer in the college and associate chair in the Department of Theatre and Media Arts.

“What I am excited about in this new position,” said Scanlon, “is that I will be doing what I am already doing!”

Scanlon replaces outgoing associate dean, Randy Boothe, who will continue his responsibilities as an associate professor in the Music, Dance, and Theatre Program. Boothe is also the Artistic Director for the world-renowned Young Ambassadors. Many of his former students are now on Broadway and performing with National Touring Companies, at Disney World, and on various cruise lines.

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