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Brooklyn Riepl in New York City as part of the BYU School of Communications New York Field Experience. (Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Riepl)

22 communications students spent six weeks in the media capital of the world.

Brooklyn Riepl plans to work in communications in a big city, but she wanted to get a taste of what it would be like before she graduated. The School of Communications’ New York Field Experience provided that opportunity.

The New York Field Experience is available for students majoring or minoring in communications. Riepl and her fellow classmates spent six weeks in the Big Apple attending classes, exploring the city and learning about the professional communications industry.

Riepl fell in love with advertising after taking a prerequisite advertising course that introduced her to the field. She believes advertising is the best way to channel numbers, strategy, research and executing data to engage an audience.

Riepl and her peers had the opportunity to attend a networking event with BYU alumni working in communications in NYC. Calling it her most influential experience in New York.

“It’s one thing to daydream about living in the city and working at an agency, but actually talking to people who were in my place at one point — seeing where they are now, where they’re working and how they got there — was helpful,” Riepl said. “I was amazed to see the reality of their dreams coming true.”

Student participants in the BYU School of Communications New York Field Experience. (Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Riepl)

Riepl said living in New York made her excited to enter the professional world, but it also provided a reality check to help her see what it takes to live in such a big city and to fit into the career world.

Riepl said her hands on experience in New York added to her educational experience by helping her look beyond her grades and focus instead on piecing together what she wants to do and why she wants to do it.

“Experiences like going to New York help you gain experiences and skills that prepare you for your career,” Riepl said. “It’s so exciting, and college is the perfect time to capitalize on those experiences. I’d encourage everyone to go, a million times over, it was so fun and I learned so much!”

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