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The George H. Brimhall building, the second oldest building on campus, has undergone several new and exciting changes in the last year.

Not too long ago, it was decided that the Brimhall would have a number of rooms remodeled to better facilitate learning for Department of Communications students. The new rooms would require the latest and greatest technology to showcase the different projects that students are working on.

BYU AdLab - Room 140

BYU AdLab – Room 140

“We started working on the remodeling nearly three years ago in concept,” said Layne Peterson, business manager for the department. “We knew that we needed to do the Bradley Lab first because they had been displaced from the AdLab and moved into a new space that really wasn’t suited to their needs. So we started working on the Bradley Lab trying to conceptualize how it was going to be designed.”

Some rooms that have been remodeled are the Bradley Lab, the AdLab and the ElevenNEWS broadcast news lab. All of these labs provide students with an opportunity to gain real world experience.

“We are ecstatic about the newly renovated newsroom,” said Chad Curtis. “Now the newsroom is much more modern and up to date. This will better prepare our students for their future careers.”

Some of the Bradley and AdLab’s recent clients have included Salt Lake Comi-Con, Cotopaxi, the Arizona Diamondbacks and Vivint.

Each of the newly remodeled rooms was specifically designed to have its own unique identity and be representative of its brand.

“The new AdLab redesign has been a tremendous improvement for our lab,” said Pat Doyle, AdLab manager. “The open flow with extra collaborative workspaces allows for increased group meetings and creative brainstorming. Our new space is more indicative of what real agencies are doing with their office spaces and the students here at BYU are super lucky to have a lab like this on campus.”

Both the Bradley and AdLab are now equipped with multiple flat screen televisions, and each has connections for laptops. The labs also have several computers that come with programs like the Adobe Creative Suite, SPSS and Nuvi. The full-time faculty and staff members who direct these labs can mentor the students in these new learning environments.

Bradley Lab – Room 116

With these newly remodeled labs, the department has given students a great opportunity to get real professional experience before graduating.

“The new PR lab gives students a place to work in that isn’t a classroom,” said Lincoln Hubbard, Bradley Lab manager. “It’s been designed for collaborative teamwork and looks like a PR agency would look. It helps prepare students for a real-world environment.”

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