Remodel of Brimhall Building

The remodel happening on the first floor of the Brimhall marks the beginning of its more extensive facelift.

During the spring term, construction crews will combine the Brimhall’s second-floor PC and MAC open-access labs to create a state-of-the-art classroom. Additionally, room 268 — currently used by the PRSSA student chapter and communications ambassadors — will be renovated to become an open-access print center. The Brimhall elevator will also be replaced before fall semester.

The new second-floor classroom will seat 35 people in wheeled desks well-suited to collaborative work environments.  The room will also integrate modern technology necessary to prepare students for the ever-changing communications industry.

The renovations address waning open-access lab usage and accessibility issues while also restoring classroom space that had been removed from the first floor to make room for The Universe’s business operations.

The changes to the second-floor also reflect an update to the Communications curriculum requirements. As of the 2013-2014 academic year, all Communications emphases will require students have a computer. See the new software and hardware requirements for your emphasis here. As a course requirement, computers may now be considered part of a student’s cost of education for grant and loan eligibility.

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