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Kevin Kelly enjoying life as an intern with hisPR Student: Rachel Zelnick
This article was produced in cooperation with the COMMS 425 lab.students during their Circle Line trip.

PR Student: Rachel Zelnick
This article was produced in cooperation with the COMMS 425 lab.

The aroma of food carts, sweat, taxi fumes and last night’s party filled the air as Professor Kevin Kelly walked down the buzzing sidewalk to work. The hot New York City air enveloped him as he pushed his way through the group of early morning commuters. This was his first big day on the job.

Kelly has always had great relationships with his students. In fact, 13 years ago, Professor Kelly helped his first teaching assistant, Mike Matthews, get a New York internship at Merkly + Partners.  Matthews excelled there and went on to start his own consultancy firm, The Mobile Culture. Kelly reached out to Matthews asking if he wanted any interns for the summer and if he could give him an internship as well.

Kelly embracing his intern status with his hat from his boss, Mike Matthews who is the Founder/Managing Director of The Mobile Culture. Photo courtesy of Claire Sonksen.

Kelly went into the internship thinking, “maybe he’ll start me advanced and give me juicy assignments,” but Matthews started him with the same tasks as the other interns. Matthews even emphasized their business structure by giving him a hat that said, “Intern Kevin,” and himself one that said, “Boss Mike.” Being a 30+ year professional will get you into a lot of doors, but even the best sometimes have to start from square one to prove themselves in a new situation.

Kelly was the 2017 BYU New York Program advisor. Since Kelly does not do research, he decided to spend his summer interning. “Everything has changed with the internet and social media,” Kelly said, “I thought it would be good to brush up on my skills through this internship.”

During the internship, Kelly worked alongside Ali Nimmo, a senior in the BYU advertising program. “I wondered what he would be doing in the day to day at the internship with me,” said Nimmo, “but I love Kevin Kelly and it’s cool that he’s willing to keep learning about the industry.”

NY Program students gather for cityscape photo with Professor Keven Kelly and Founder and CEO of Thatcher+Co, Brad Thatcher.

Kelly encourages all his students to explore things out of their comfort zone. This could include traveling to new places in a city, taking on a new challenge, or trying to meet people they ordinarily might not cross paths with, because they never know what experiences or people are going to make a difference in their life. Professor Kelly’s summer internship is evidence that networking can lead to great things, either immediately or in the future.

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