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Every public relations student at BYU is expected to complete an internship at some point during the course of their college education. Sarah Stoddard, a senior, is in the middle of an internship with Glassdoor in Sausalito, Calif. Glassdoor is a career site where employees rate their satisfaction with their various employers and managers.

As the PR and Corporate Communications Intern, Stoddard enjoys a wealth of knowledge from her coworkers as well as a full schedule and some unique perks.

“Every morning I drive between 20 and 60 minutes to work, grab breakfast, check email, manage Tweetdeck, check out the media coverage report for the past day and work on my various projects,” Stoddard said. “A catered buffet lunch is served at noon everyday, which has become a cherished break time for the entire company to chat about weekend plans and sit on the deck overlooking the water.”

Her favorite part about her job is the benefits that come with the territory. From top-notch compensation to free food, clothing, kayaks and gym amenities, the employees at Glassdoor are some of the most well taken care of in the Bay Area.

“I love that we are a pet friendly office, and I love hanging out with Rhubarb Victoria, aka Ruby, the PR dog,” Stoddard said. “The people who work here are exceptionally welcoming, smart and enthusiastic, and the members of the PR team have become great mentors who teach me new things everyday.”

Transitioning from Provo to the San Francisco Bay Area has been an enjoyable change for Stoddard along the way.

“I have always been a city girl. Moving to Provo was actually more of a culture shock than moving to Northern California. The people here are awesome, the weather is almost always perfect and there are so many things to do,” she said.

Stoddard’s professional network has come in handy in her professional path as well.

“Everything notable that I have ever done has come as a result of someone I knew. Whenever you apply for jobs, you always want to be more than just a name on a resume; you need to stand out,” she said.

She went on to say that chances of standing out from the crowd often depend on the personal relationship you have with someone at the organization and their desire to help you.

Working at Glassdoor has helped Stoddard to realize how valuable the skills are that she has taken from the BYU communications program. From working in the Bradley Lab to surviving tough-as-nails PR classes, every step of the program has helped to turn her into a polished, desirable candidate.

“On my first day I remember my team telling me about all of the projects they wanted me to do throughout the summer, and with every task, I was able to say that I already had experience,” she said. “They were very impressed with how prepared I was and how willing I was to continue learning.”

With Glassdoor being in business only six years, Stoddard is optimistic about what the future holds for her as a potential future employee.

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