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Throughout students’ academic careers at BYU, many can expect to intern, volunteer and take on a rigorous class schedule. Public relations student Amberly Asay has done all of the above and surpassed it with flying colors.

With a term as the BYU student body vice president over student advisory council under her belt, six internships and numberless hours of volunteer experience, Asay has made a sizable impact on the BYU campus as well as in the Department of Communications.

Asay shared that her internship with creative services was one of her favorite internships because she had exposure to several different clients and industries around the BYU campus.

“BYU’s creative services is an an in-house creative team and resource for all the entities on campus.  Clients include The Wall, dining services, Studio 1030, Campus Floral and the bowing and games center,” Asay said.

Asay has also dove head first into her major, becoming BYU PRSSA’s vice president of finance and fundraising. Her responsibilities included raising money, managing a budget and synthesizing ideas to raise funds for the club.

“My favorite thing about public relations is that no two days are ever the same,” she continued, “The industry is always changing and it keeps me on my toes.”

Asay explained that she enjoys BYU’s public relations program because it’s hands on. She says the best part is being able to work with local clients in her classes.

Though BYU’s public relations program is very demanding and sometimes throws students into a career tailspin, Asay offered the following bit of advice:

“Do whatever public relations you want. If you are interested in theater PR, go find a theater company and tell them you want to help them. They will always be open to the help,” she said. “Don’t let anyone tell you what interests you. Formulate a career around your unique interests and talents.”

Asay is unsure what the future holds for her career path, however with the continued hard work and dedication that she has already shown in her academics, a successful career is certainly in her future.

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