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adlab80-02-300x110As a hot spot for job recruiters, it is not uncommon to see big names like Boeing or Marriott at BYU career fairs.  Over a dozen global ad agencies also come to campus every year to recruit the cream of the advertising crop.

Last week, BYU’s AdLab hosted the third annual “BYU AdLab Sundance Recruiting Fair.”

“We had more agencies, more recruiters and more interest in our program than ever before,” said Scott Rackham, director of BYU’s strategic communications labs. “Arriving from New York, California, Texas, Illinois, Colorado, and elsewhere, the recruiters come for one thing: to find the best new talent in the business.”

The AdLab has recently garnered attention from large soft news outlets such as a recent article on Buzzfeed titled It’s Time For Us All To Admit That Mormons Are Pretty Funny.

This year’s LDS Film Festival has also presented the recruiting event in a film called “Recruiters and Interns” which documented the event from start to finish.

BYU’s Ad program has XXXXX students enrolled in the competitive program with many having their sights set on a career in an ad firm. Check out the video below for coverage of last year’s Sundance Recruiting Fair.


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