Hernandez, EllenDaily Universe Business Operations Manager

In 1996, after years as a stay at home mom, Ellen joined the Department of Communications at BYU. She began as Office Manager and is currently the Manager of Business Operations for The Universe.  Recent changes in the program have created new challenges and opportunities for growth which Ellen has embraced with enthusiasm. Although she enjoys her job, it is working with students that she finds most rewarding.

She is married to Henry Hernandez and they have five beautiful daughters, three amazing sons-in-law and four equally adorable grandchildren and one more, long awaited grandchild to be born in early spring. She is currently taking classes at BYU and plans to complete her undergraduate degree in Family Sciences and continue on to get her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. She thoroughly enjoys the classes she is taking and finds ample opportunity to use her newly gained knowledge to listen to and mentor students in the challenges they face in their academic and social lives.

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