Watson, AndrewAdjunct Instructor

For more than a decade, Andrew has led measurement-based marketing and communications programs at billion-dollar organizations including ADP, Adobe, and Vivint. In addition, he has developed public relations and customer experience strategies for high-growth companies such as Omniture and inthinc Technology Solutions. In his current role as Director of Customer Marketing at Vivint, Andrew leads multi-channel brand and marketing campaigns targeting Vivint customers, as well as the company’s content and social media strategy across all of Vivint’s business units. He also works on national brand and advertising campaigns, partnering with organizations such as Deutsch L.A. and 20th Century Fox to drive brand awareness of Vivint products and services. 
Andrew graduated from the Public Relations program at BYU in 2003 and holds an MBA from Utah State University. He has been an adjunct professor at BYU since 2013 where he focuses on teaching students how to integrate research, measurement and analytics into public relations and communications tactics. He met his wife in a religion class at BYU in 2001 and has four children.  

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