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A team of BYU students working through the Y Digital Agency recently won a Golden Spike Award for their creation of a mobile app for Whooshfly

Top (left to right) Shaye Mullen, Spencer Christensen, Adam Durfee, Natassja Krupsinski, Jessica Cable Argyle
Bottom (left to right) KC Miller, Zach Olsen

The Golden Spike Award competition is sponsored by the Utah chapters of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) each year, and this year Y Digital won their first Golden Spike. The award is given to teams who demonstrate excellence in public relations and business communications.

The Y Digital team won in the category “Best Social Media Campaign: For Profit.” Y Digital ran a campaign for Whooshfly through its mobile app, combining research, influencer marketing, social media promotion and video production. The team also ran a social media campaign to introduce the app service to people attending the Sundance Film Festival.

Spencer Christensen, a BYU Communications student involved in the Whooshfly app production, said, “The company had a good presence on the east coast, but nothing really out west. Our team came up with the idea of hinging the campaign upon the Sundance Film Festival and targeting people in a few major cities in the West. We ended up developing a video we used in social media advertising and had huge success in selling flights to the festival.”

The Y Digital team was pleasantly surprised to see that their efforts were so successful at Sundance. PR student and team member Jessica Cable said, “The campaign we executed from start to finish definitely exceeded Whooshfly’s and our expectations, and I’m grateful I was a part of it.”

Christensen added, “I feel like working in the lab has given me priceless real-world experience and has accelerated my skills and capacities to a level that I never expected to achieve while still at BYU.”

Learn more about Y Digital and the team’s experience creating the app for Whooshfly here.

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